Shiva is the divine masculine energy that is part of all of us. Shiva is not just in men, its the energy within all of us that is pure consciousness. 

Shakti is the divine feminine energy that is also part of all of us(not just women). Shakti is the energy that creates our world and all worlds. Many call it the creative energy of the universe. 

Shiva and Shakti cannot exist without each other in the physical world. Divine Shakti creates from pure consciousness(Shiva).

In short, Shakti is the Power to create with Pure Consciousness. 

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Together they are the Power to Create ALL things with pure consciousness!

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Welcome to Sacred Shakti Yoga, where Yoga meets healing at its best! Jaime Alcone is a Teacher of Embodied Divinity, Tantra, and Love. She believes that when you can fully accept yourself as one with the divine, you open up to the miracle of life given to you in each moment. Jaime fuses Yoga with Energy Healing Techniques, Tantra, and Channeled wisdom. Her intention is to create an environment for YOU to embrace the sacred-ness of your true self. She helps you see and remove the viels that have kept you stuck in patterns that are not serving your highest good. By seeing these viels, and choosing to look beyond them, you can make profound internal changes that will carry into every aspect of your life! 

The divine in me honors the divine in you 


Jaime Alcone

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Divine Feminine and Masculine Energies

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Sacred Shakti Yoga and Healing

What is Shakti and Shiva?

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Sacred Shakti Yoga

Awaken Your True Self

Embody Divinity

Sacred Tantric Yoga- Tuesdays 5:45-6:45 $10 drop in 

Connects you deeply to the truth of who you are, Embodied Divinity. Elements of Tantra, Yoga, Energy Healing, and Channeled Wisdom are fused for you to enjoy this sacred practice!

Location: Intuitive Essentials 1701 Bellamah Ave. NW Suite 1109