Sacred Shakti Yoga and Healing

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Sacred Tantric Yoga- Tuesdays 5:45-6:45 $10 drop in 

Connects you deeply to the truth of who you are, Embodied Divinity. Elements of Tantra, Yoga, Energy Healing, and Channeled Wisdom are fused for you to enjoy this sacred practice!

Location: Intuitive Essentials 1701 Bellamah Ave. NW Suite 1109 

The Art of Channeling Level 1 by Shakti Fusion Flow™

Jaime Alcone and Kaylin Elizabeth Otero

Available Classes

Become a Badass Channel of Love and Light!

The Art of Channeling is a one day certification program where you will learn several tools designed to support your ability to connect with your Higher Self, Source, personal Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, and more.
Your Guides are deeply invested in your wellbeing and want to help you on your journey of Self discovery and awakening. Learning to consciously connect with these Beings of Light will bring you great healing and clarity. In this program you will learn specific practices that will assist you in receiving and speaking messages of Love and Truth, channeled from your Higher Self & Guides. Please join us!
Date: 5/5/19 from 10am-4pm (with an hour lunch break)
Where: Intuitive Essentials
Cost: $111 cash…plus tax for PayPal, Venmo or card

Contact Kaylin Elizabeth Otero or Jaime Alcone for more information.

You can pay with PayPal to reserve your space:
@Kaylin-Otero for Venmo