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Moon Magic Medicine​​

​​​Aromatherapy has a profound effect on the mind, emotions, and carries powerful medicine into the body, mind, and spirit. Essential oils are plant medicine that have been used for thousands of years. When inhaled, they have a profound impact on the mind reducing stress, and help maintain a positive state of well-being. The moon medicine anointing practice is a tool for deep self love and balances the energy systems of the body to flow in harmony with the moon. Different oils are best used in certain phases of the moon that have to do with the vibration of the oil and the energy of the moon. I will be sharing what oils are most beneficial during the different moon phases. 

Connecting yourself to the moon and her energy has created such a profound effect on my body, mind, and soul. 2 years ago, I started following the moon and tuning into her energy by going to moon circle gatherings with beautiful woman in my community. I'll be honest, at first, i was intrigued but skeptical of these gatherings but there was a magical and very medicinal element to connecting in such a way to the moon and other woman. I began to notice clear patterns and cycles that coincided with the position of the moon in the sky and the phase the moon was in. By tuning into this energy, i felt more connected to my divine feminine side, Shakti and the harmony that exists on mother Gaia. I became more intuitive, more on purpose, and deeply connected to my body. Physical ailments began to heal on their own, I was more tuned into my emotional state, and my mind was more calm and clear. 

About 1 year ago, the moon started speaking to me in a way that was so profound, I had to listen to her call. She began to teach me more ways that we can tune into her magic on a daily basis rather than just twice a month on the full and new moon. I could feel the effect of these moon magic medicine priestess practices on day one of my moon journey! Feeling a deeper and more profound connection to my higher-self/source/god/goddess. I began to witness miracle after miracle in my internal world that then changed what I was experiencing in the external world. 

I have been called to share these practices with other woman(although men can benefit too and are not excluded from this practice if they feel drawn to participate.) 

In this Moon Magic Medicine 29 day journey we will journey through a full cycle of moon phases together.

Moon Magic Medicine Includes

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​​​​​​Sacred transmissions, womb healing, and DNA activating meditations will be given as channeled by myself from the moon and other goddesses such as Mary Magdalene, Isis, all 10 Mahavidya's( Tantric Wisdom Goddesses) and Mother Sophia. These meditations can activate on a cellular level who and what you are. Awakening the truth of your being as a sovereign divine creator here to live your heaven on earth. 

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1- Live interactive Video on how to make moon water and do your own Moon Water Priestess Practice 
2- Live Interactive video on Aromatherapy Anointing Practice 
3- Live Interactive video on Moon Magic Asana Practice(Weekly)
4- Live and interactive videos Weekly Moon Magic Meditations 
5- Facebook forum for sacred moon sisterhood 

​​​​When you flow in harmony with the moon, the result will be increased energy, clarity, vitality, and a general ease and flow of your life. This is the way of the divine feminine. I have learned the hard way that forcing my body to exercise in ways that are out of alignment with my body, have lead to injury, illness, and burnout. Our bodies, especially woman's bodies need to be in tune with the needs of their bodies. Yoga Asana is a wonderful way to tune in and exercise in a healthy and balanced way. I will be guiding you through specific asana practices that will be in harmony with the moon phase thus promoting greater body, mind, energy balance! Since practicing in this way, I have felt better in all ways! 

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$30-$100 below!
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Starts June 30th 

Weekly Moon Magic Asana Practice 

Essential Oil Anointing Practice

Weekly Moon Magic Meditations 

 *Moon Water Priestess Practice*
This practices nourishes and cleanses your body and allows the moon medicine of the day to be fully absorbed and realized at a cellular level. Our bodies and our planet is made mostly of water. The water on our planet has a sacred connection to the moon. This moon water priestess practice allows you a deeper connection to the sacred moon transmissions of the day.