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Secrets of Tantric Manifestation- 21 day Deep Dive

                  Tantra is an ancient practice of the Embodiment of the Self, life, and all that we are. In our modern culture we have been conditioned to believe that being human is hard, that pain and suffering are inevitable, and that we are stuck in this reality with only glimpses of the good stuff until we pass on to whatever you believe happens after you die.
While this may be the experience of many, it is NOT the full story of what we are and the power that exists within each and every one of us. Many feel stuck or trapped in their current life situation. Tantra holds the secrets to a bad ass life filled with everything and anything you'd like to create for yourself. By understanding simple Tantric principles which are really just the building blocks of the power of being human. Tantra sheds light on the human experience as divine union with the self as God/Goddess/Divinity/Universe/source energy/etc. With this awareness, you can step into your full power as a creator of life rather than a victim of life.
In this course Jaime explains
1- How you are creating your reality- once you understand how reality is created, you then have the conscious awareness to create a reality you absolutely LOVE!
2- Alchemization of Fear or other unpleasant feelings into rocket fuel for creation!
3- The Power of Shiva and Pure Consciousness and how to connect to this power on purpose.
4- Shiva Meets Shakti- Implantation of Creation, foreplay, and how to plant seeds that will actually grow
5- Meet Shakti- The energy of Manifestation, The birth into reality,
6- The embodiment of Self- discovering who and what you are.

$179 includes
5 hour long live video training's
Facebook Group for support, questions, and divine connection to other high vibe individuals
Clarity on Your Life
A deep connection to who and what you are
How to Manifest Anything you want on Purpose
Living on purpose
The most Radical expression of yourself - the Ultimate in Self Love
How to honor and embrace all aspects of yourself....even the things you don't like right now

June 1st-June 21st - Videos will be live and recorded so you can watch at your convenience
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