Yoga Nidra also called yogic sleep is an ancient meditation practice that goes deep into the subconscious to clear away impurities and negativities that may be adding discomfort and stress to you on a regular basis. Yoga nidra helps us to transform into the highest versions of ourselves. It does so by allowing us to release the root cause of our physical ailments and negativities clearing the path for a brighter future. Yoga Nidra works by purifies all 5 astral bodies.

Five Astral Bodies

1- Physical Body- Annamaya Kosha- This body is our physical earth body. Yoga Nidra rotates through the entire physical body bringing relaxation, healing, and purification.

2- Breath body- Pranamaya Kosha- This body is what brings life energy/breath. Yoga Nidra cleanses, purifies, and strengthens this body for increase health, longevity, and vitality.

3-Feeling/emotional body- Manomaya Kosha- This body addressed how we feel and our emotional perceptions. By cleansing this body we can experience the higher vibrational emotions more often such as love, peace, and joy.

4-Mental Body- Vijnanamaya Kosha- The body responsible for our state of mind. Yoga nidra calms and purifies the mind helping misperceptions and false drama's to fade so that we can start to live more fully in the present moment experience each moment as its own full expression of life and all its beauty.

5-Bliss Body- Anandamaya Kosha- Yoga nidra removes the obstacles from experience qualities of pure presence bliss, abundance, love, joy, peace, and expansion!

Private Yoga Nidra

Jaime specializes in writing private yoga nidra scripts recorded for your specific needs.

Personalized yoga nidra can help you change habits, heal your body, and transform your life in a very powerful way!

Cost- $125

Cost includes private consultation, personalized script, and recording.

Benefits of Yoga Nidra

deep relaxation

better sleep

increased work efficiency

removes stressors

positive influence on mind/brain

cognitive abilities improve

increase of positive qualities

powerful transformational tool

weight loss


body healing

improved physical body

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Yoga Nidra

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