Sacred Shakti Yoga and Healing

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21 Days of Tantric Love

This is a course that will take you deeper into yourself awakening the river of light that pours through you in each moment and in each breath awakening your inner Tantrika. Dear god/goddess you have Shakti, a primal sexual energy within you that wants to come out and play. This sexual energy isn’t just about sex but don’t leave sex out of it. It’s about tapping into your sacred sexuality, divine love, passion and zest for life. This is the harmony and natural rhythm of the universe! You can live this energy everyday……..making love to the universe in both the exciting and mundane activities of life because each moment presents us with a gift just waiting to be opened. Wouldn’t you just love it if you woke up everyday feeling excited to be alive? Wouldn’t it be great if you felt a pulsation of endless energy flowing through you in all that you do? A miraculous life is filled with everything your heart desires and its time to stop denying yourself this truth.

In this course I will be showing you ancient and modern Tantric secrets to unlock this sacred energy and harness it in a way that can be used according to your divine will. Over the course of 21 days, we will awaken and open to a new way of living where new worlds open up and you are the master creator of your life! Pain and struggle become opportunities to take us higher and catapult us to the next level of Love and awareness. This will transfer to every area of your life including all relationships, body love and awareness, cellular health, and energy level! Be prepared for your view of the world to change, opportunities will naturally present themselves as you become aligned with this creative and powerful energy that’s available to all of us all the time!!

I hope you will join me! The course is online so everyone will have access to the recordings! You can do the course at your own pace, there’s no pressure to finish in 21 days!

All Videos are already recorded so you may watch them at your own pace!!